Analog Obsession MPReq v2.2 Full version

Analog Obsession MPReq v2.2 Full version

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The term microphone preamplifier can either refer to the electronic circuitry within a microphone, or to a separate device or circuit that the microphone is connected to. In either instance, the purpose of the microphone preamplifier is the same. A microphone preamplifier is a sound engineering device that prepares a microphone signal to be processed by other equipment. 

Microphone signals are often too weak to be transmitted to units such as mixing consoles and recording devices with adequate quality. Preamplifiers increase a microphone signal to line level (i.e. the level of signal strength required by such devices) by providing stable gain while preventing induced noise that would otherwise distort the signal. For additional discussion of signal level, see Gain stage.

 Analog Obsession MPReq v2.2 WiN-MAC 
  • GAIN: Microphone preamp gain control.
  • BANDs: Two-bands with boost and cut. Low band 100Hz and high band 12kHz.
  • Emulated from famous program eq with tube gain stage.
  • OVERSAMPLE: Oversampling (ON/OFF) 4x
  • CHANGELOG Version 2.2
  • Improved oversampling (ON/OFF)
  • Fixed high frequency loss
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • VST3 Support



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